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Hello! And welcome to my web-blog! 

My name is Theresa Doyle-Nelson ... I call myself a writer, and have written much in the past 20 years or so. However, I really write only part-time.  Sometimes I refer to it as a hobby ... because I still like/need to invest a fair chunk of time into family.  

But, when the house is quiet and settled, writing is what I like to do.  I enjoy the whole process:  reading, researching, writing, revising, revising some more, double-checking facts, and then writing and revising some more.

My professional background is actually in education and I do have seven years of teaching elementary school under my belt (and a bit of substitute principal-ing; my master's degree is in Educational Administration).  Teaching was great as a single young woman, but too draining as a mother.  It took up too much energy and time, and I felt like other people's kids were getting my best energy with my own kids getting leftovers.  Just didn't feel like a God thing.   

I grew up in the often-chilly, but very pretty Rochester, NY area (my mother and all four of my siblings are still there!) and attended a great University just a few hours away - St. Bonaventure University.  I loved the Franciscan spirit there and have many wonderful memories.  After graduating in 1981, I moved to Brownsville, Texas to teach 5th grade. 

After a few years in Brownsville, I moved to San Antonio to teach 1st Grade.  Through a Newcomers Get-Together at St. Matthew's Catholic Church, I had a chance meeting that really changed my life.  While chatting with another young teacher, we compared backgrounds and realized that her brother and I had known each other in college!  I remembered Chad as being a good and decent man.  Long story short, the following summer, Chad and I were married (July, 1985).

Chad was an active duty Marine and I loved moving around and seeing so many different places:  Virginia, California, Alabama, Italy, Rhode Island, and then California again for a second tour.  In 2000, Chad retired and we moved to the Texas Hill Country.  As much as I loved living in so many places, it has been very nice to be settled.  

Chad and I have three sons, two daughters-in-law, a future daughter-in-law, and two three four precious grandchildren!

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I have written for a variety of Catholic resources including:

St. Anthony Messenger
Today's Catholic
National Catholic Register
Catholic Exchange

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