What Does the Bible Have to Say About St. Philip the Deacon?

St. Peter Consecrating the First Seven Deacons, Including St. Philip
by Fra Angelico (circa 1447-119)
Acts 6:1-7 ~ St. Philip is Selected as One of the First Seven Deacons
This passage shares of the Twelve needing some help during the very early days of the Church. Seven men ... reputable, filled with the Spirit and wisdom ... were chosen, including Philip.

Acts 8:4-13 ~ St. Philip Does Great Works in Samaria
These verses tell of Philip's time in Samaria, where he very effectively preached, released people from unclean spirits, and cured many. Philip's actions caused great joy in the city and many were baptized into the Faith.. 

St. Philip the Deacon/Evangelist Baptizing the Ethiopian
by Rembrandt - 1626

Acts 8:26-40 ~ St. Philip Converts the Ethiopian Treasurer
The intriguing story of St. Philip the Deacon, being urged by an angel of the Lord to travel on a desert route upon which he met an Ethiopian royal treasurer.  Philip helped the Ethiopian to understand some words of the prophet, Isaiah, which in turn led him to teach the Ethiopian about Jesus.  St. Philip then baptized the Ethiopian and the Spirit of the Lord then miraculously snatched Philip away. He later landed in the city of Azotus

Acts 21:8-9 ~ St. Philip the Deacon Hosting St. Paul in Caesarea & Four Prophetess Daughters
One of the last stops of Paul's 3rd Missionary Journey was when he, St. Luke, and others arrived in Caesarea and stayed with Philip the Evangelist/Deacon.  We also learn from this passage that St. Philip the Deacon had four prophetess daughters!

St. Philip the Deacon Baptizing the Ethiopian
by Jan van der Elburcht (circa 1550-1563)