The Pauline Chapel in Colorado Springs

Chad and I recently visited his brother's family in Colorado Springs, and they took us to a lovely little Chapel called the Pauline Chapel.  It was constructed by the Penrose couple of the Broadmoor Hotel fame across the street, and was named after a granddaughter named Pauline.  Although the outside has a charming Old Mexico adobe style, the inside is beautifully decorated with pieces of antique European Sacred Art, having been acquired during various travels.  According to a little booklet given to us, the chapel evolved into a heart-healing project in the early 1900s for Julie Penrose who had suffered many family losses.

A Stunning Carved-in-Wood Reredos/Retablo ... I think from Spain

A Beautiful Flemish Triptych

Another Impressive Flemish Triptych

The Pauline Chapel Rose Window Depicts the Queenship of Mary

Unfortunately, my brother-in-law had to hunt someone down to open the chapel for us. A Locked-up church is one of my great frustrations.  I so very much miss the days when you could stop by a Catholic Church at nearly any time of the day and pay a visit.  Now, it seems they are nearly all locked shut.  Insurance reasons, I suppose.  Still sad.

A Group Shot With Colorado Family Members
... across the street from the Pauline Chapel,
... at the Broadmoor Hotel/Condo/Spa/Restaurant/Shopping Grounds

While traveling to Colorado Springs, we stopped off at this little country church, Sacred Heart, in Dilia, New Mexico ... but, of course, the doors were locked.

Design Above the Door

We did stumble upon Holy Innocents Church in Trinidad, Colorado that was open.  But, it's apparently an inactive parish, and was undergoing a renovation.  We probably should not have entered due to the construction going on.  But, we did and got this photo of a lovely window in the back of the church ...