Parents' Weekend ~ 2017

A little bit late here, but a few weeks after some family fun at The Ranch  ...

Chad and I flew up to Annapolis for Parents' Weekend with Noah ...
Noah with a Fellow Mid From Minnesota

We got to attend a few of Noah's classes. 
Here's Chad chuckling while pretending to help with the presentation.

Noah's Slice of Bancroft Hall

A Few Engagement Photos on His Shelf

A Routine Inspection of All Midshipmen

Noah Leading Company 13 ... Heading Toward a Football Game

Can't really see Noah very well in this video, 
but you can hear his name if you listen closely.  :) 

After Mass at the BEAUTIFUL Naval Academy Chapel

One of the Beautiful Windows in the Chapel

And a few weeks later ... camping at The Ranch ...

Cozy Sleeping Quarters

Getting Ready for Marshmallows


Breakfast Time!


  1. I haven't kept up with your posts lately. Wonderful to see how your family has grown. :)

    1. Thank you Diane ... from San Antonio!!! 0:)


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