Forty Years After High School

My 40-Years-Later Side-By-Side Photos

It's my 40th High School Reunion today!  I won't be able to go ... I went to High School in New York and now live in Texas, and my son is home for a short break, and, and, and ...  However, we've had a spontaneous reunion of sorts on Facebook!  I normally keep rather strict limits on my Facebook time, but have indulged these last two weeks, and it's been a real treat.  Sharing before-and-after photos, funny memories, regrets, inspirations, sadly learning who we have lost, etc.  The impromptu online reunion has been a fun surprise.  I've learned a lot and I wish I had had the opportunity to get to know a lot more people a lot better!

A Memory I shared ... 
about when I shockingly realized in High School that 
I would be 40 when the year 2000 would hit! 

My High School was named after a former bishop of Rochester, N.Y., Bishop James E. Kearney.  He was still alive while we were students and at least a few times, came to say mass for us on his birthday.  After mass, he would announce that we would have the following day off from school as a holiday!  He died my senior year and the principal gave us a day off in honor of this good bishop.