The Lady in the Blue Cloak … Stories of Miracles and Inspiration Right in the U.S.

The Lady in the Blue Cloak by Eric Kimmel
The Lady in the Blue Cloak: Legends from the Texas Missions is a wonderful book that colorfully presents some rich Catholic miracles and persistent “legends” that have taken place at the Texas Missions.  Author Eric A. Kimmel dug into historical records on these fascinating missions and felt compelled to share some special accounts he discovered.  This collection of stories will make the San Antonio Missions come to life in a unique way and remind readers that a trip overseas is not necessary to find rich spiritual history.

1)    The Nun from Spain who Miraculously Bilocated … to some Native Americans in east Texas.  This kind nun gave them a warm and gentle start on their Christian evangelization and prepared them for the arrival of the Franciscans who were soon to reach Texas and establish the first Mission San Francisco.
2)   Mission San José’s Mysterious “Rose Window” … is explained by way of a Spanish sculptor who was brought to Mission San José to lend his talents.  This young artist became deeply distressed when he learned that his fiancée back in Spain died.  So, he began to sculpt some especially intricate and ornate designs creating the now well-known “Rose Window” at Mission San José—as a way to help heal his broken heart.
3)   A Marian Apparition … a statue of Mary in a niche above the gate of Mission Concepción miraculously came to life and protected those connected to the mission during a fearful Comanche raid. 
4)   A Christmas Miracle … a young boy attached to Mission San Antonio (now known as The Alamo) felt frustrated as Christmas was approaching, for he had no gift to offer the baby Jesus.  A kind friar encouraged this child—together they planted a vine in a clay pot, which miraculously grew red berries on Christmas day.
5)   A Franciscan Appearing During Times of Trouble … an inexplicably-appearing Franciscan assisted a family whose land was nearly stolen for a lack of centuries-old documentation.  This same mysterious Padre appeared to help two brothers, who had lost a herd of cattle to an attacking tribe, by guiding them to collect a sack of gold for each.

This book is a treasure for adults and children alike.  Illustrator Susan Guevara adds a beautiful dimension to each story with her vibrant artwork.  Unfortunately, the book is no longer being printed by its publisher, Holiday House.  However,plenty of copies are still available for purchase online. 

Gorgeous Illustrations by Susan Guevara