A Great Book With a Subtle but Undeniable Pro-life Message

Miracles from Heaven
This is a delightful book - very well-written by the mother of the main character.  It is another book of an individual (a young girl in this case) going to heaven for a bit and then being sent back, and what she has to say about the experience.  There's a lot of extra stuff too ... a difficult chronic disease that disappeared after her near-fatal fall into a tree trunk, the great faith of a small-town Texas three-girl family, a mother's challenges with depression, etc.  I found it to be a page turner leaving me with a heightened sense of hope in God.

One Small Part That Made My Thoughts Shout, "Hooray!" for the Pro-Life Stance of the Catholic Church ... 
An excerpt from the book ... Christy and her husband, Kevin Beam
had suffered two miscarriages ... presumably, this "sister" that Annabel
met in heaven was one of the miscarried babies.
A powerful suggestion that unborn life is still life ... "viable outside of the womb" or not.  A great message, especially for a Presbyterian family (the Beams are faithful Presbyterians); for the Presbyterian Church is somewhat fuzzy on its stance on abortion.