A Beautiful Mural of St. Jeremiah the Prophet Discovered in an Old Synagogue

St. Jeremiah Being Pulled From the Muddy Pit
Some years ago (1995-ish), St. Paul's Church in San Antonio purchased a Jewish Synagogue just down the road a bit and have been using it for a variety of wonderful religious and community services.  Happily, a nice chunk of impressive Jewish art was left behind.  One particularly rich piece of work was a mural of Jeremiah the Prophet being pulled from the muddy pit/cistern ... painted in 1961.  It had actually been plastered over at some point, but eventually bits and pieces of it were discovered, prompting St. Paul's to uncover as much of the mural as possible.

Now Ebed-melech, an Ethiopian, a court official in the king's house, heard that they had put Jeremiah in the cistern.  Then the king ordered Ebed-melech the Ethiopian: "Take three men with you, and get Jeremiah the prophet out of the cistern before he dies."   - Jeremiah 38:7a, 10

Documenting the Discovery and
Restoration of the Jeremiah Mural

Inscription at the Bottom of the Mural:
Jeremiah Lifted From The Pit

A Letter From the Artist Who Painted the Mural: Maurice Schmidt

(the former Agudas Achim Jewish Synagogue)