St. Mark the Evangelist in the Bible - April 25

St. Mark Working on His Gospel

St. Mark the Evangelist in the Bible

This Gospel was written by this evangelist-saint.

Shares of the time when Peter miraculously escaped from prison and went to the house of Mark (also known as John Mark) and his mother Mary.

Tells of when he joined Barnabas and Saul to Jerusalem.

Tells of when Mark served as an assistant to Barnabas and Saul at the beginning of Saul's/Paul's First Missionary Journey.

Relays the mysterious occurrence of John Mark abruptly leaving Barnabas and Saul at Pamphylia.

Shares of Barnabas's and Saul's/Paul's sharp disagreement over John Mark's strange desertion.

Conveys Mark's greeting to the Colossians through St. Paul.  Evidently they reconciled at some point after Mark's peculiar abandonment in Pamphylia.  Also an indicator that John Mark and Barnabas are cousins.

Presents another assurance that Paul and Mark must have made peace, for in this verse, Paul asks for Mark to come visit him him prison.

Evidence that Mark was with Paul who was imprisoned (perhaps in Rome?).  Mark, through Paul, greets Philemon and Apphia.