Saints Philemon and Apphia: Two Saints For Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving With Saints Philemon and Apphia
St. Anthony Messenger - November, 2016
Thanksgiving hovers around the feast day of two saints from the Bible ... a holy couple from Colossae:  Philemon and Apphia.  The feast day of St. Philemon and St. Apphia is November 22 - which also happens to be the earliest date possible for Thanksgiving in the U.S. St. Paul wrote a letter to Philemon and Apphia, a rather short letter ... only 25 verses in all!  However, within this short letter, we can find some intriguing snippets that can help us "carve" out a holier Thanksgiving:

Keep Your Home God-Centered (Phlm. 1-2)
Apphia and Philemon's home was a House Church in the very early years of Christianity.  Perhaps this example of great generousity could nudge many to share their home on Thanksgiving Day with a clear place for God somehow etched into the day!

Give Kind Attention To Elderly Wisdom (Phlm. 9a)
Paul called himself an old man in the midst of this letter.  Though elderly, his advice to this couple was wise and valuable.  A good reminder to try to glean classic wisdom from the elderly at your Thanksgiving table!

Accept All At Your Gathering With Kindness (Phlm. 17b)
The main focus of this letter was about a frustrated slave, Onesimus.  Onesimus's plight and low status might prompt some special kindness to someone at Thanksgiving who tends to be ignored or treated with a lack of respect ... the way a slave may have been in ancient Colossae.

Offer A Warm Welcome In Your Home (Phlm. 22)
Paul expressed hope to visit Saints Philemon and Apphia.  There's a good chance that some (hopefully all!) of your Thanksgiving company will be saints in heaven some day.  A thought to ponder when welcoming them to your home ... or going to their's.

A Small Bible Study For Thanksgiving Week 
If you have a chance on November 22, try to find a bit of quiet time to read the mere 25 verses creating Paul's letter to this saintly couple ... and ask Saint Philemon and Saint Apphia to pray for your Thanksgiving holiday!

The Martyrdom of Sts. Philemon and Apphia