Discovering St. Luke in the Bible

Miniature of St. Luke Writing

Luke's name is only found a handful of times within the New Testament:
1) It is the title of the Gospel he prepared (The Gospel According to Luke)
2) Colossians 4:14   (Luke sends a greeting through Paul.)
3) 2 Timothy 4:11   (Luke is with Paul during a period of distress.)
4) Philemon 24   (And again ... Luke is with Paul and sends a greeting.) 

The "We Passages" in the Book of Acts
Although he never mentions himself by name, Luke also wrote the book, The Acts of the Apostles. Within this biblical  book are several "We Passages" which indicate that Luke was with Paul during these particular periods of time.
Acts 16:10-17
Acts 20:5-15
Acts 21:1-18
Acts 27:1-44
Acts 28:1-16

St. Luke is honored on October 18

St. Luke and the Galilean Women