The Memorial Chapel - Yongsan US Army Garrison in S. Korea & Fr. Emil Kapaun

Memorial Chapel
Yongsan U.S. Army Garrison
Soeul, South Korea
 I seem to be on a 'One Of My Sons Went To A Church That I Will Probably Never Get To" roll.  After posting some pics from St. Mary's at Newark Abbey, the Cathedral in Newark, NJ, the Pro-Cathedral in Newark, NJ, and St. Patrick's Cathedral in NYC from my youngest son, my oldest headed off to S. Korea as a Navy Reservist and took some shots of the base chapel at the Yongsan U.S. Army Garrison.  (By The Way ... My middle son is a H.S. teacher and coach.  He travels to lots of fun places in Texas for various meets, but it would be tricky for him to stop off at Catholic Churches with a busload or two of High School runners tagging along!)

Inside Memorial Chapel
Yongsan U.S. Army Garrison
Soeul, South Korea

The Adoration Chapel
Base Chapels typically offer services in a variety of faiths, however, they often nowadays have a special room set aside for Catholic Adoration Chapels as well.  Here's the one at Yongsan.

A Tribute to Some Military Chaplains in the Adoration Chapel
(Fr. Emil Kapaun [a.k.a. Dismas] is in the Center)
I especially like the photo above because I can see Seamus's reflection in the glass!  :)  

A Special Write-Up on Fr. Emil Kapaun


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