St. Benedict's Prep & Naval Academy Midshipmen & Newark Abbey

My youngest is participating in a leadership program through the US Naval Academy for about a month this summer.  His duty is to help with the high school students at the awe-inspiring St. Benedict's Prep school in Newark NJ.  It is a school that was closed down for one year in the 70s due to financial struggles.  However, one Benedictine monk, Fr. Edwin Leahy had a vision.  He remembered that Catholicism is not a financial-based faith; that all deserve a good Catholic education.  His God-given vision and ability to sacrifice for good has kept this school open ever since 1972.

Noah sent me a few pics, mostly of St. Mary's - the church on the abbey and school grounds  ...

A Stained Glass Window of St. John the Baptist Inside St. Mary's
- The Church on the Grounds of Newark Abbey

The Altar and Monastic-Styled Simple Setting

The Altar Facing a Stunning Organ and Wooden Choir Stalls for the Monks

A residential building at Newark Abbey where my son and another 11 Midshipmen stay.
Although the angle of this photo makes the area look pretty comfortable and country-like,
the surrounding neighborhood struggles and suffers from decay on many levels.

St. Benedict's Prep, and St. Mary's Parish
are located on the grounds of Newark Abbey.

Click Here to See a 13 Minute Clip about St. Benedict's Prep on 60 Minutes

USNA Midshipmen at St. Benedict's Blog (2012)

“Nobody in the city, the country or planet does it better than this school in Newark." 

-- Ras Baraka, Mayor of Newark

St. Benedict