Highest Heaven - A Stunning Collection of Sacred Art

With my Granddaughter B.
This week I took my oldest granddaughter to see a glorious exhibit at the San Antonio Museum of Art.  A couple from New York, Roberta and Richard Huber, somewhat accidentally found themselves with an impressive collection of Catholic art from the Colonial Spain and Portugal era and areas.  From various travels they felt entranced with pieces they saw; they purchased one painting, then another, and then, over the years had a first-rate compilation of paintings and sculptures!

St. Michael the Archangel

St. Joseph

Christ Crucified with Adoring Saints

Holy Mother, Mary

The Four Evangelists

B. Examining a Painting of St. Barbara ... with Her Severely Dominating Father

After Enjoying the Highest Heaven Exhibit ...
There happened to be a story-time, song-time,
activity for preschoolers, so, B. and I joined in.

The activity was based on the Japanese Art section of the museum.
The preschoolers were taught about Japanese Silk Screens.

Then, they made their own silk screens!

B's is spectacular, of course!

One of San Antonio's many, many bicycle rental stands is located at The San Antonio Museum of Art.
(And, the Hike-Bike Trail along the San Antonio River is right behind the museum!)

The Museum is in the Old Lone Star Brewery - a grand piece of architecture!

Highest Heaven - Divine Art Dazzles
Today's Catholic - July 22, 2016