St. Julia - A Young African Martyr

St. Julia of Corsica
Symbolisms Found within the St. Julia Window
- The golden robe symbolizes St. Julia's heritage of nobility (in Carthage, Africa).
- The cross represents her crucifixion.
- The red dress could signify her receptivity to the Holy Spirit, and/or her willingness to die for Christ.
- The palm branch is for St. Julia's martyrdom.

My son and his family belong to a beautiful small-town church just outside of San Antonio, in Castroville, TX; a town settled in the 1800s by Alsatian immigrants.  While taking in the beautiful architecture and sacred art of St. Louis Catholic Church one day, I was surprised to see this window labeled as St. Julia.  Having a Goddaughter named Julia prompted me to take a closer look at this barely-known saint.
Today's Catholic - May 13, 2016
The Feast of St. Julia is May 23