Jerry Van Dyke ... Reminding Me of My Father

This past week or so I happened to watch two old shows, each of which happened to have Jerry Van Dyke as a lead actor.  To see him on TV so randomly two times in a row felt really funny ... for, he makes me think of my father.  My father and Jerry Van Dyke used to be in the Air Force's Tops in Blue show back with the 1955 touring group.    

Jerry Van Dyke & John Gregory Doyle
Tops in Blue - 1955
Here is my father performing a trumpet solo as Jerry Van Dyke stepped in and started clowning around.  My father said that sometimes Jerry would take over working the trumpet's mute for a bit, and then jokingly brag to the audience about being such a great trumpet player.  

My father was a devout Catholic and sometimes invited Jerry to church.  Despite his willingness to attend mas with my father, Jerry struggled to set his funny bone aside and would start whispering comical comments during the service to my father ... making mass a little less prayerful than usual!

The 1955 Tops in Blue Group Shot
My Father is in the Back Row, Center, Smiling, Looking Down a Bit
Jerry Van Dyke is Squatting in the Front, Second From the Left

A Cropped Version ... John Gregory Doyle is to the Right and Back of the Photo, Smiling
Jerry Van Dyke is in the Front Row Squatting ... Second from the Ladies Sitting

My Father, John Gregory Doyle Performing a Solo: C Jam Blues
(Wish a had a recording of Dad playing C Jam Blues, but I don't ...
but, here's a clip of Louis Armstrong's C Jam Blues.)

My Father Visiting the Tops in Blue Headquarters
in San Antonio 51 Years After Being a TIB Performer!
He's With my Mother and My Three Sons

The Two Shows I Recently Saw With Jerry Van Dyke ...

Jerry Van Dyke Doing a Dance Routine 
in McLintock as Matt Douglas Junior (1963)

The Andy Griffith Show - May 3, 1965