The Feast of Saint Dismas & Good Friday ... 2016 & 2157

Saint Dismas and Christ
by Titian circa 1566
Whenever Easter lands on March 27, Good Friday coincides with the Feast of St. Dismas - March 25.  The last time this happened was in 2005, but it won't happen again until 2157!  A neat co-occurrence of memorials for the day that Jesus and Dismas died together.

He (Jesus) replied to him (Dismas), "Amen, I say to you, today you will be with me in Paradise."   
- Luke 23:43

A Few Ministries Named After St. Dismas

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Prayer to St. Dismas
Lord, have mercy on all prisoners around the world 
who are incarcerated for their crimes against humanity, 
especially those who are to face execution for their crimes. 
We beseech Thee, grant them the grace of repentance.

O Lord, help us too to always observe the seventh commandment, 

and grant us to keep Thy holy example always before out eyes, 
that we may despise the nothingness of this world 
and make Thee the object of all our desires and affections.

Saint Dismas Holy Card & Prayer

The Annunciation 2016
By the Way ... March 25 is traditionally the Feast of the Annunciation too; however, this year the Annunciation was transferred to April 4 to avoid it from overlapping with Holy Week.