A San Antonio Hiking/Biking Pilgrimage

A Texas-sized Pilgrimage
Liguorian - February, 2016
Was so happy to see this article in Liguorian!  And, thanks to my wonderful husband for taking all the photos!!!  Chad and I hope to trek this pilgrimage path soon (see blog here) ... this time without lots of note-taking and going back and forth to get some just-so shots of the 8 different churches!  More of a slow-paced retreat/pilgrimage this time!

Here are a few pictures that did not get worked in with the article, but are still beautiful ...

Stop #1
The Beautiful Cathedral for the Archdiocese of San Antonio
- San Fernando Cathedral -

Stop #2
A Very Small Sampling of the Beauty Inside St. Mary's 

Stop #3
The Jewel of St. Joseph's - Wrapped Around by a Mall!

Stop #4
Mission San Antonio de Valero
(a.k.a. The Alamo)

Stop #5
Mission Concepcion

Stop # 6
Mission San Jose

Stop #7
Mission San Juan Capistrano

Stop #8
Mission San Francisco de la Espada

A Few Views of the Walkways ...
A Busy Section of the Hiking Path
(The Riverwalk)

A Much Quieter Part of the Hike-Bike Path

One of Many Bike Rental Stations
Lots of Helpful Maps Throughout

Shell Designs
It's a little bit like Where's Waldo, but if you look, you can find a number of scallop/cockle shell designs throughout the five San Antonio Missions - a fun parallel to the Camino de Santiago de Compostela in Spain.  Here are just three ...

Mission San Antonio
(The Alamo)

Mission Concepcion

Mission San Jose

The San Antonio Hiking Pilgrimage is about 12 miles long with sidewalks or Hike-Bike paths available throughout the whole pilgrimage.

(or call 1-866-848-2492)