Lamb of God - Where Does this Title for Jesus Come From?

The Lamb  represents Christ.  The flag with a cross symbolizes the triumph of Jesus’ sacrifice.  The book with the seven tabs represents The Book of Revelation, where the word “Lamb” is used to signify Jesus numerous times.  The seven tabs signify how the number seven is highly symbolic in this last book of the Bible. 

Jesus' Title of "Lamb of God" stems from St. John the Baptist connecting him to the sacrificed lambs during the first Passover in Egypt:
   - Jesus' blood was shed like the Passover Lambs' blood,
   - None of Jesus' bones were broken, nor were the Passover Lambs',
   - Jesus saved humanity from sin and the Passover Lambs saved the firstborn Israelites from death.

Lamb of God Bible Meditation/Novena
On each day, share your intention with Jesus/The Lamb of God and then spend some time contemplating the following "Lamb of God" passage(s):

Day 1 – Exodus 12:1-13
Day 2 – Compare:
                 Exodus 12:5a & John 8:46a
                 Exodus 12:22a & John 19:29
                 Exodus 12:46b & John 19:33
Day 3 – Leviticus 5:1-6
Day 4 – Isaiah 53:7-8 & Acts 8:26-35
Day 5 – John 1:29-36
Day 6 – 1 Corinthians 5:7b & 1 Peter 1:17-19
Day 7 – Revelation 5:6-14
Day 8 – Revelation 7:9-17
Day 9 – Revelation 21:9-27