A Tour of a Stained Glass Window Studio

A Very Old and Unidentified Stained Glass Window
Acquired by Cavallini Studios 

A funny story ... there is a stained glass window factory in San Antonio I have wanted to visit for years now.  Finally, a few months ago, I called and asked if I could have a tour.  The person on the other end of the line said, "Sure!  Just give us a few minutes to get ready for you before you arrive!"  I thought that was a good deal.  So, I invited my sister-in-law to meet me at the studio one day and called them an hour before we were to meet there.  It turns out that the person on the phone thought I had said door, nor tour.  They rarely give tours anymore ... and had recently completed a door that was ready for pick up!  But, I was already on my way, and my sister-in-law had driven 125 miles!  So, I pressed and one of the family members of the family business gave us a very nice tour of the factory!

One of the Work Areas

Going Over Designs

The Factory Also has a Small Store for Local Stained Glass Window Artists

Both Newly Created and Old Rescued Windows are in the Factory

One of Their Recent Pieces of Work

Manlio Cavallini
Cavallini Studios started in 1953 as a studio for mosaic art by Italian immigrant, Manlio Cavallini.  Before long, stained glass work was added to the studio.  Manlio had been a seminarian at St. John's Seminary in San Antonio, with hopes to become a priest.  A change of heart led him to study philosophy at St. Mary's in San Antonio.  In 1952 he graduated from St. Mary's and married Viola Gonzalez Irvin.

Manlio Cavallini, the founder and owner of Cavallini Studios does still give a rare tour now and then ... but mostly for groups of artists in related work.  They normally don't give tours to two simply-curious people.  But, I'm glad we had the misunderstanding that helped us get a behind-the-scenes tour ... it was a lot of fun!