Saints Louis and Zélie Martin ... How They Met

Saints Louis and Zélie Martin And Family
One day, when Zélie Guérin was crossing the bridge of Saint Léonard, she passed a young man whose distinguished appearance, dignified bearing, and reserved manner struck her.  At the same moment, an interior voice murmured, "This is he who I have prepared for you."  His identity was soon revealed to her and she came to know him more intimately.  Their mutual moral harmony was so quickly established that their private engagement was sealed by a formal, religious betrothal without delay, and three months after their first meeting they were able to be united together before God.  On July 13, 1858 ... they plighted their troth in the splendid church of Notre Dame.  The ceremony took place at midnight, as quietly as possible, as though to enjoy only the sacred, Christian aspect of the ceremony.

~ Taken from: Chapter 2 of The Story of a Family - The Home of St. Thérèse of Lisieux  by Fr. Stéphane-Joseph Piat, O.F.M.

Canonization - October 18, 2015
*** Louis and Zélie Martin married just months after the Blessed Mother appeared to St. Bernadette in Lourdes, France.

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