The Centurion's Prayer - A CCD Activity

Roman Centurion

One way to dig into the mass and help kids get to understand one small piece of it a little bit better is to discuss Roman Centurions ...

1) Show the class an image of a Roman Centurion and explain that they were brave officers in charge of about 100 legionary soldiers.
2) Remind the class that it was a Roman Centurion who oversaw Jesus' Crucifixion.
3) If possible, visit the church to find any Stations of the Cross with a Roman Centurion depicted.
4) Break the class into groups of two or three and have each group put together a list of words that might describe a typical Roman Centurion.
5) Review the lists together.  Ask the kids why words like "humble" and "unworthy" would not appear on such a list.
6) Have them pull out their Bibles and read Matthew 8:5-13, then focus in on Matthew 8:8 ...

"Lord, I am not worthy to have you enter under my roof ; only say the word and my servant will be healed."

7)  Hopefully the words of this verse sound familiar; they are  very similar to the prayer said right before going to Communion with the word "servant" being switched out with the word "soul."
8) Discuss how profound it must have been for this powerful Roman Centurion to have been so humbled by Jesus, that he felt undeserving for Jesus to even come to his home!
9) If desired, have the class read Luke's version of the same story - Luke 7:1-10.
10) Ask the class to consider saying the Centurion's Prayer with a little more heart and thought the next time they go to mass.

Centurion's Helmet

The Centurion's Prayer Lessons
Today's Catholic - August 7, 2015