Saint Joshua & The Holding-Still Sun

Joshua Praying for the Sun to Stand Still in Gibeon
by Gustave Doré (1832-1883)
Many of St. Joshua's biblical stories are miraculous; however, each miracle included a heavy reliance on God.  One of his lesser-known miracles is when he prayed to God for the sun to hold still during a battle.

As the Israelites were gaining momentum in Canaan, people from the city of Gibeon became fearful and tricked the Israelite leaders into an agreement of peace and protection. Five Canaanite kings were displeased with this alliance and grouped together to attack.  Joshua brought his warriors into Gibeon for the battle, and perhaps desiring a good chunk of daylight to complete the fighting, he prayed to God asking for the sun to stand still.  

Joshua prayed to the LORD, and said in the presence of Israel: 
Sun, stand still at Gibeon.   
~ Joshua 10:12b 

The sun then remained high in the sky for a full day - and Joshua's troops were victorious. 

The full story of St. Joshua, the Gibeonites, and the battle with the five kingdoms can be found in Joshua 9 and 10.