A Few St. Moses Windows

There the angel of the LORD appeared to him 
as a fire flaming out of a bush.
~ Exodus 3:2
Then Moses stretched out his hand over the sea;
and the L
ORD drove back the sea with a strong east wind
all night long and turned the sea into dry ground.  
The waters were split.
~ Exodus 14:21

... the Israelites entered into the midst
of the sea on dry land,
with the water as a wall
to their right and to their left.
~ Exodus 14:22

Moses then turned and came down the mountain
with the two tablets of the covenant in his hands,
tablets that were written on both sides,  front and back.
The tablets were made by God; 
the writing was the writing of God, 
engraved on the tablets.
~ Exodus 32:15-16

~   ~   ~

The LORD said to Moses:
"Cut two stone tablets like the former,
that I many write on them the words
which were on the former tablets that you broke."

~ Exodus 34:1

As Moses came down from Mount Sinai
with the two tablets of the covenant in his hands,
he did not know that the skin of his face had
become radiant while he spoke with the L
~ Exodus 34:29

The Feast of St. Moses is September 4
Roman Martyrology Entry