St. Daniel - A Reminder That We Must Be Brave In Our Faith

The Book of Daniel presents many dramatic stories about Daniel and his friends while the Jewish people were being held captive by the Babylonians.  Daniel's wisdom and good sense brought him certain privileges.  One story, later on in the book, when Babylonia had been taken over by Persia, tells of how some satraps (governor-like positions) became jealous of Daniel's status and tricked the king into proclaiming a law that would press Daniel into denying his faith.  As the story goes, Daniel refused to break his faith, and so, was thrown into a lion's den.  However, God sent an angel which prevented any of the lions from devouring this good man.  (See Daniel 6 for the full story!)

Now we know that many other good people have indeed been devoured by lions for their faith.  They were certainly very brave too.  Daniel could have been killed, but for some reason, God decided that it was not his time.  Daniel's bravery should remind us that we are soldiers of Christ ... that we might be spared, but we might not on some occasions.  But we must lean on God no matter the difficult and tempting situations life presents us.

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