Pennies At Weird Times

So strange how pennies seem to show up at funny times. Years ago, when Noah was a little guy, we had a birthday party for him at the house.  For one of the games, I had spray painted a bunch of pennies gold and scattered them about the yard.  At the party, I told the kids that a leprechaun had come and sprinkled gold coins out in our front yard.  Then, I sent them out to find as many gold pennies as they could.  They loved it!  Oddly, just a few days before Noah was due to leave for college, Chad came across a long undiscovered golden penny ... reminding us of Noah's little boy days.

July 1, 2015 - Annapolis, MD
Getting Ready To Drop Noah Off

About four or five hours later, Chad happened to get a glimpse of Noah from afar ...

After about three more hours, Chad swore Noah in ...

We Were Allowed To Have One Last Visit With Noah.
Getting Ready To March Into His Dorm.

As The Last Of The Plebes Marched Into Bancroft Hall,
The Doors Were Slammed Shut.
A few songs that can really stab my heart these days ...

Don't Blink

You're Gonna Miss This

Luckily, we have two precious little grandchildren
to play with now that the youngest has flown from the nest!

Little Friends Searching For Golden Pennies in 2001.

The boy in the denim shorts started at Westpoint this past week.
Noah, in the camouflage hat, started at the Naval Academy.