Mother's Day - 2015

It was kind of a tough Mother's Day this year with my father being so very sick up in NY.  But, my youngest, Noah, really helped me out by organizing a fun day.  We all went to church together and then out to breakfast.  Later on we had a nice lunch ... even my two married sons with their own little families joined us.  It really helped to ease my heart and made for a very special day.  As my youngest is headed to Annapolis in seven weeks, the day felt blessed.  Who knows if I will ever get the whole gang together on Mother's Day again!!!

With Big W. - My Little Grandson

And With Little B. - My Granddaughter

Little B. and Big W.

I have three sons ... this one is my baby and
the one who planned my special Mother's Day ...
a selfie with Noah.  0:)