Finishing That Last Child Strong ... Well, Trying My Best, Anyways!!!

Wednesday Breakfast Tacos at Mi Pueblo
Chad and I had one of those tail-end children. Noah was born when his brothers were 8 and 10. I was days from turning 37 and Chad was soon to be 39.  If you have a child when you're older, you are certainly wiser ... but at the same time you have a lot less energy! But we keep praying and trying our very best.  One thing we've done for the last year or two is to go out for breakfast tacos most Wednesday mornings. It started off as a Father and son routine, but then I was invited to join along ... with a few conditions. For example, if Noah chomps on his ice, I can't tell him to stop. If he sniffs too loudly, I can't offer him a tissue, or if he dumps 15 spoonfuls of sugar into his tea, I have to let it go. I'll admit, I have to bite my tongue sometimes, but it's well worth the special time together. (By the way, we could not do this with our older sons, because we still had three kids living at home going in three different directions, and finances were a bit tighter.  But they had other benefits during their years at home - siblings, for example.)  Anyways this very last son will graduate from High School on June 5, so these last few Wednesday taco dates are precious to me ... even with the sound of ice laced with sugar crunching in my ear. 😇

Our Last Child Wrapping Up His Senior Year of High School and Gearing Up For College!