An Easter Sunday Walk

The Moment St. Cleopas and his Friend Recognized Jesus in Emmaus
Above is beautiful wall painting in a church not too far from my home, which depicts the moment - after miles of walking on the first Easter Sunday - when St. Cleopas and his un-named friend realized who their mysterious traveling partner was.
This painting leaves the un-named traveler, St. Cleopas's friend, rather indistinct.  This is good, because St. Luke (24:13-35) does not articulate whether the walking companion was male or female.  The artist may have supported the possibility that Cleopas's traveling friend was his wife ... possibly Mary of Cl[e]opas who was present at Jesus' Crucifixion (John 19:25).

Easter Sunday ... a good day to read about the Resurrection and about that walk to Emmaus.  Maybe it's also a good day to imitate St. Cleopas and his friend by taking a walk while pondering the magnitude of the day.

An Easter Walk - Today's Catholic - April, 2015