Buttermilk Pancakes - An Alternative To Fish During Lent

My husband really doesn't care for fish.  That was a surprise for me when we first got married, because Friday Fish Fries during Lent were pretty standard for my family while growing up!  It took some brainstorming, but I did come up with some alternatives.  Pancakes, however, are my fall-back recipe for lots of Fridays.  I recently started making Buttermilk Pancakes while doing a write-up on a Great Uncle.  I never met Great-Uncle Andy, but I heard nothing but nice things about him - including how he went to get get fresh buttermilk many Saturday mornings to make Buttermilk Pancakes for his nieces and nephews.  Making these pancakes makes me feel a bit connected to this gentle and kind Great Uncle.

Recipe adapted from my 1989 Better Homes & Gardens Cookbook.