Holy Simeon & St. Anna the Prophetess - February 3

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph meeting
Holy Simeon and St. Anna the Prophetess 
Luke Chapter 2, verses 25-38 often hooks my heart when I happen upon it.  I guess that now I am approaching old age ... well I'm at least over the hump, no longer a spring chicken, and beyond middle age (just this year I qualified for the senior breakfast deals at Denny's - just to give you a hint) ... this story of these two elderly people in the Bible inspires me.  Both of these people clearly spent a lot of time with God, and so were in tune with him.  Due to this invested time of quiet prayer, they were both able to recognize baby Jesus as the long-awaited-for Messiah.  They probably would not have been able to do that if they had filled their lives with parties, activities, and busy-ness.  Messages and nudges from God seem to come in rather scratchy and sometimes undecipherable when our hearts are focused on hectic activities.  I would say that Holy Simeon and St. Anna the Prophetess are great role models for people who are in the later years of their lives.  After so many years of being on the go, it's good to slow down and try to spend more time with God.

The Feasts of Holy Simeon and St. Anna the Prophetess are both on February 3 ... the day after the Feast of the Presentation.  They seem to get overshadowed a bit ... maybe because they share a feast day with St. Blaise.   

Holy Simeon and St. Anna the Prophetess with the Holy Family
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