A College Memory ... A Road Trip To Niagara Falls

I think it was probably the winter of my junior year in college (St. Bonaventure University) ... maybe February-ish of 1978 when I drove an hour and a half up north from Olean, NY to Niagara Falls for a basketball game with a bunch of friends.  Niagara University was our rival and we wanted to go see the game that night.

A Fun Moment With Sandy Allen
We got there pretty early and had time to walk around.  It was back in the days when you could get over to the Canadian side of Niagara Falls without a passport.  We happened upon a Guinness World of Records Museum and decided to spend some time there ... out of the bitter cold!  At one moment inside the museum, as I turned a corner, I was noticed some unexpected movement (up to that point, all displays were static).  Taking a few steps further into that next room, I saw a lady sitting on a couch!  It turned out to be the tallest lady in the world - Sandy Allen!  Bless her heart!  She was 24 at the time (I was about 20) and she was real friendly; she engaged in a comfortable conversation and answered a lot of questions.  Unfortunately, Sandy Allen died in 2008, but, I remember meeting her as being a real pleasant experience.  That seemed like a tough job to me, sitting in a museum for people to take a look at you!  But, she was impressively kind and gracious.

A Postcard I Sent To My Parents ...
Possibly During This Day Spent In Niagara Falls