Some Old Testament Saints Honored

It's always a fun discovery for me to find Sacred Art reminding viewers of holy ones from the Old Testament.  This wonderful altar backdrop was at the church where my grandson was baptized recently.  A few if the names listed on the piece are from the New Testament, but most are intriguingly from the Old Testament!

It felt like a special blessing to me that my grandson's middle name patron saint, Samuel, is one of the Old Testament names listed on the beautiful altarpiece behind him during his baptism!

Esther  -  Samuel  -  Ezra  -  Nehemiah  -  Moses  -  Mark  -  Ruth  -  Jeremiah  -  Job  -  Jonah  -  Matthew  -  Isaiah  -  John  -  Luke  -  Joel  -  Joshua  -  Daniel  -  Ezekiel  -  Tobiah  -  Baruch  -  Habakkuk  -  Amos  -  James  -  Jude  -  Malachi  -  Hosea  -  Zechariah  -  Obadiah  -  Zephaniah  -  Micah  -  Nahum 

My husband and I with our little grandson on his baptism day.