Relics From Letter Writing Days

Recently my mother sent me some relics from some old-fashioned letter-writing days.  When I was in college, letter writing was the main form of communication.  We had three pay phones down the dorm hall that 40 girls shared.  They were expensive, and it was a pain to keep enough change handy to use them effectively.  So, letter-writing was heavily relied upon.  My Mom saved a bunch of my letters and recently sent several to me.  What a trip down memory lane!

 Included in one of the letters was a newspaper clipping from a "Gong Show" contest that my floor (1st Loughlen) entered.  I remember being REAL uncomfortable.  Acting/singing/hamming-it-up onstage was not my thing (still isn't).  But, the pressure was strong, and I caved.  We sang a song and I stood there feeling frozen, but forcing the words to come out of my mouth.  Amazingly, we won third place ... a whopping $3.88!  I have no memory of how 40 college girls split that incredible windfall!  :o

Although only the 1st place group was photographed for the school newspaper (The Bona Venture), it was a fun for me to see the photo credit - Chad Nelson - the man who would become my husband 8 years after the photo was taken!

On the flip side of the Gong Show clip was the above.  If you look at the right hand column, you can see that my husband, Chad Nelson, was the Photography Manager.  Also, if you look at the middle column, you will see that Neil Cavuto (from Fox News) was a Copy Editor!  (He rose to Editor-in-Chief by his senior year.)  He might remember me, but he certainly remembers Chad.  He was always known as a good honest guy at school.  On the left hand column you'll see Emilie DeLorenzo as a News Editor.  She now teaches journalism at Syracuse University with her husband Steve Davis.  Sweet, sweet lady. 

My mother also sent a bunch of lightweight air-mail letters that I sent during my semester studying in Rennes, France ...

Having Fun During My Semester in France
Fall, 1979

A Fun Trip Through the Late 70s and Early 80s

My Handsome Husband in 1979