Saint Rufus (of Rome) - November 21

Saint Rufus

We know very little about the Bible Saint, Rufus.  However, from just one verse in the Bible, we can glean a handful of things about this obscure saint:

- He was an early Christian living in Rome around A.D. 57.
- He may have attended the House Church of Priscilla and Aquila.
- He knew Paul, for Paul mentioned him by name in Romans 16:13.
- He had a mother who also knew Paul.
- He may have met St. Phoebe who likely delivered this letter mentioning Rufus.

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Mark 15:21 mentions a Rufus who was a son of Simon the Cyrenian. 
If this is the same Rufus, then it was St. Rufus's father who carried
Jesus' cross for a time on the road to Calvary.

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