Memories on Verterans Day

Farewell Plaque From Bella Napoli (1994-1997)
I loved my 15 years being a part of an active-duty military family.  While many might think that military folks are overloaded with killing instincts and eagerly ready for attack, what I saw was quite different.  Most of the military people I met were very good and caring people.  God and family came first in many of the military families I knew.  Wonderful, happy, and caring memories.

One fun memory is from our three years in Naples, Italy.  The traffic in Naples is pretty very hectic.  Lots of people have broken and dangling side view mirrors because they drive so close and so fast to each other and squeeze through narrow spots to get to where they are going.  So, one of the guys in my husband's office mounted broken side view mirrors (which there are an abundance of in Neapolitan junk yards) as gifts to his buddies as they were heading back to the U.S.  The plaque pictured above it the one my husband received during his farewell gathering.

A small glimpse of traffic in Bella Napoli ...
be sure to watch for the religious procession!  :)
September 3, 1996