Two Apostles, One Feast Day: Saints Simon And Jude - October 28

Simon and Jude in the Biblical Lists of Apostles
These two apostles, Simon and Jude, have little recorded about them in the Bible.  Interestingly, however, in the four biblical lists of apostles, these two are listed next to each other:


A Double Martyrdom for Simon and Jude
Historical records indicate that both Simon and Jude left Judea after Jesus' Ascension to share the message of Christianity.  It is believed that their paths eventually crossed in Persia (modern Iran) where they had great success in conveying Christ's good news.  However, not all embraced their teachings and these two apostles were martyred in Persia, Simon by saw and Jude by spear.  Due to this account, Simon is often portrayed with a saw and Jude with a spear.

Name Variations
Simon is also known as Simon the Cananean and Simon the Zealot.
Jude is usually referred to as Judas in the Bible.  Jude is often used in other literature to help separate him from Judas Iscariot.  He is also known as Thaddeus.