The Last Homecoming Parade With A Nelson Boy

Chad and I have gone to a lot of Homecoming Parades since 2000, when our oldest, Seamus, was a freshman.  This past week, our youngest, Noah, had his senior year Homecoming Parade.  So, it will be our last ... with a child involved, at least!  Sort of sad.

The Parade Started with the Drill Team and Marching Band

The Chicken Car is a Favorite Feature in Bandera Parades!

The Girls' Volleyball Team

Noah Waving.   

A Fun Pep Rally Following the Parade
High School Football Players ... Hmmmmm ......
I've never cared for the stereotypical high school football player image. Those who can get puffed up to the point where they seem to think they are superior to the rest of humanity (blech).   However, Noah really enjoys the sport.  So, we do our best to keep him grounded and focused on things in life that matter the most.  We pray that he does his best on the field, but respects non-football players as well.  Saint Pope John Paul II is one of my favorite saints to ask intercession for and to hold up as a role model for Noah, because he was quite athletic himself - and not in the least arrogant about it!

Rained Out ...
After all the fun Homecoming activities,
it began to POUR half an hour before the game started. 
Everyone is hoping for a rescheduling!