St. Melchizedek - A Mysterious Saint

St. Melchizedek Honoring Abraham
Have you ever had one of those mysterious people drift into your life, make a marked impression, and then drift away, never to be seen again?  St. Melchizedek was one of these people in the Bible.  He was the King of Salem (Salem means Peace - and Salem was the future Jerusalem) and was quite impressed with Abram (later to be known as Abraham) who won a victory over a group of aggressive tribes.  After the battle, Melchizedek sought out Abram, presented him with some bread and wine (interesting parallel to Christ), and then blessed Abram:

Blessed be Abram by God Most High.

The next time you meet one of these people that God sends your way for a brief, but impactive time, think of St. Melchizedek and offer thanks to God for the blessed experience.

The feast of St. Melchizedek is August 26.

Martyrologium Romanum - August 26