Sending Warm Fuzzies to Overseas Troops

What To Put In A Care Package????
My son is in the midst of a one year Navy Reserve duty in Africa.  Sometimes I feel compelled to send him care packages as a way to brighten up his days.  However, they really get everything they need over there and getting too much stuff just isn't appreciated.  So, I try to keep my ears open and listen for clues.  He was pretty clear about one thing.  Seamus brought a koozie that I had once crocheted for him to Djibouti.  Because it is so collapsable, lightweight, and portable, he keeps it in one of his pockets and pulls it out whenever it comes in handy.

Crocheted Koozies Are A Hit!
It turns out that some of his friends really like his crocheted koozie!  So, he requested that I send some to share.  There are about 4000 troops and civilians stationed in Djibouti ... making that many koozies is quite impossible!  But I did send a batch ... and hopefully I'll send another batch later on.  At least he can share with some friends who have expressed interest. 

If you like to crochet, this pattern is pretty easy and they do come in very handy!

Nonnavita Soap
In one package, I threw in a random bar of soap from a local Poor Clare Monastery.  This too was an unexpected hit!  He requested an extra bar for a buddy of his.  Who would have guessed!?!? 
Camp Lemonnier Living Quarters

Navy Reservist Laura Aranda visiting children in a homeless shelter in Djibouti. 
Treats For Local Children
A San Antonio resident and 15 year Navy Reservist, Laura Aranda, is also stationed in Djibouti and spends time with children at a homeless shelter.  Evidently, these kids LOVE her attention ... and getting their picture taken!  Obviously, these kids have VERY little and little goodies sent to them via Laura fosters a sense of goodness and brotherhood between the citizens of Djibouti and the Americans stationed there.

If the Spirit is Moving You ... and you would like to help lift up those separated from their families in service of our country ... or offer goodies to children of struggling areas near the military bases, below are a few ways to send something.
Address For Djibouti, Africa:
Camp Lemonnier Public Affairs Office
PSC 831 Box 0040
FPO AE 09363-0001