St. Mary Magdalene - Seven Demons ... But Not Necessarily a Prostitute

Mary Magdalene Saint Card
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A Medieval Assumption
Poor St. Mary Magdalene ... she is assumed by many to have been a prostitute.  However, there is no proof of this.  Throughout the course of Christian history, some have asserted that the sinful woman in Luke's Gospel who bathed Jesus' feet with her tears was Mary Magdalene and that her sin was prostitution.  It's possible - she did have seven demons driven from her - but it's not absolute.

A Better Label: Apostle to the Apostles
Perhaps a better way to look at Mary Magdalene is to understand that she most likely had gone through a very difficult time with those seven demons, and overcame them - most likely through Christ.  It's important to remember that she was helpful to Christ, was at His Crucifixion, and according to two of the Gospels, was the first to see Jesus after he rose from the dead ... prompting some to call her by a better title:  Apostle to the Apostles!

The Feast of Saint Mary Magdalene is July 22.

St. Mary Magdalene
by Jan van Scorel (1532)
Novena to St. Mary Magdalene
St. Mary Magdalene, you lived a difficult life before meeting Christ.
You assisted our Lord in His ministry and came to love Him deeply.
Please pray that I too can be loosed of my demons, embrace Christ,
and follow His will in every way.
Please also pray for this special intention: