Keeping Sundays Sacred

Sundays and Chores 
God has been nudging me about this one a lot lately.  I can rationalize doing a lot of things on Sundays ... a "quick" load of laundry thrown into the washing machine ... it won't take long!  (Nor will putting the washed clothes into the dryer, and then folding them, and then putting them away.); a "quick" going-over of one of the bathrooms; a "quick" run into town to buy a few things; a "quick" session on the computer to check my e-mails and facebook updates.  I keep telling myself that I'll do them fast and it won't impact my day of rest.  Hmmm...


A Unique "Sanctuary of Time"
Call it grace, if you will ... after struggling interiorly for a while about how to manage my Sundays, I came upon a CD by Dr. Timothy Gray that stresses the importance of letting Sunday be for rest.  To do God things.  To go to mass.  To relax.  To appreciate accomplishments of the preceding week.  To nurture the soul.  To slow down.  To rest in God.  To embrace this special "sanctuary of time."  Besides giving the obvious reason ... the Third Commandment, Dr. Gray offers many other persuasive points to support this ancient spiritual practice.
A Four-Sunday Experiment
Dr. Gray's words inspired me to try four Sundays in a row to really keep work to the very basics (feeding my family - yes; laundry - no, for example).  It helped.  It really helped.  I have learned that by better observing the practice, I have something to look forward to.  I know I can count on at least one day a week of letting go.  It's been nice, it has "watered my soul" and I believe it has helped me to improve the "art of living well."  I'm going to try ... to really try to keep Sundays a bit more sacred in the future ...