7 Quick Take Fridays - A Book Review

1 ~ Thank You, Jennifer Fulwiler for Writing Something Other Than GodYou converts really get things that many Cradle Catholics overlook.  I love the things that I learn from all of you!  I know it took you a long time (five years?  and six kids?) ... thank you for taking the time to share.

2 ~ Thank You for Sharing That First Nudge From God.  I loved the story about the fossil prompting you to think about death.  Thanks for not wanting to eventually become nothing but a fossil yourself (or dissolving in a mud pit).  I like hearing about people's pivotal-ish moments.

3 ~ Thank You to Jennifer's Dad - for encouraging your daughter to not jump into things without fair investigation and research ... following that summer camp that she went to.  It prompted Jennifer to REALLY, REALLY, REALLY study and understand the Church!

4 ~ Thank You for Reminding People that Personal Copies of Bibles were Largely Inaccessible for the First 1500+ Years of Christendom and that LOTS of People were Illiterate.  It's nice to read someone proclaiming these facts.  The Bible is cool, wonderful, inspiring, awesome, extremely helpful, and certainly should be read if available.  But only the extremely wealthy could afford to purchase Bibles for hundreds of years and illiteracy happened/happens.  Wealth and literacy were/are not prerequisites for being a good Christian.

5 ~ Thank You for Mentioning Some of "My" More Obscure Saints of the Bible in Your Book!  I was tickled that you mentioned Philemon & Apphia and Aquila & Priscilla.  I could tell that you felt their personalities.  I liked that.

6 ~ Thank You for Letting People Know That the Catholic Mass is FULL of Scriptural Readings ... and Has Been for 2000 Years.  The First Reading, The Responsorial Psalm, The Second Reading, The Gospel, and the many, many other places where multitudes of verses are embedded within the mass.  Catholics may not have chapters and verses memorized real well, but we read/listen to an enormously wide array of Sacred Scripture. 

7 ~ Thank You for Reminding Your Readers that Less is More.  That a simple life is often the most plentiful, and that chasing the glories of the world can be frustrating, depleting, and can take our focus away from what really matters.


  1. This is great! So true, all of it. We love the hill country - my in-laws live in Dripping Springs and it is so beautiful there!

    1. Thank you, Ann-Marie! And hugs to your beautiful daughters!


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