The Lion of Munster - Blessed Clemens von Galen

Blessed Clemens von Galen
The Catholic Church often gets a bad rap for its seemingly lack of action during World War II.  However, there were many, many heroic acts that numerous members of the Church took to ease the pain and suffering of those persecuted. Unfortunately, these actions were often hidden, unnoticed, or disregarded.  One guy who was a little bit on the louder side was a German bishop named Clemens von Galen (who is now a Blessed!).  He took the serious issues of Hitler's cruel power to the pulpit in the diocese of Munster, very publicly and effectively undermining the Nazi regime.

My office as Bishop demands me to uphold the moral order ... and it therefore urges me to make this public warning about the actions of the Gestapo.

We must persevere in loyal service to our nation but we must always be prepared to show courage and sacrifice when it comes to obeying God before man.

Have you or I have the right to exist only because we are 'productive'?

Blessed Clemens von Galen - A Tremendous Defender of Life
February 7 issue of Today's Catholic

Video of Blessed Clemens von Galen

Cardinal von Galen Coat of Arms
Nec Laudibus Nec Timor
Neither praise nor threats will distance me from God.