Lent - What to do???

Year after year it happens ... I struggle with what to give up or do for Lent!  As a teenager and young adult, I gave up candy, snacks between meals, and junk food.  All for the glory of God, of course.  It had nothing to do with trying to lose a few pounds!  :/  Those selfish plans usually failed within the first week of Lent.

Now, I am older and wiser.  And, I have to be careful with the food thing.  When my body is hungry, I FEEL IT!  And worse, MY FAMILY FEELS ME FEELING IT!  I'm not sure that my sacrifice should become my family's sacrifice as well.  So, my son and husband are giving up ice cream, so I will probably join them on that one ... it's so lonely to eat ice cream alone anyways!  But, at church on Ash Wednesday morning, I was daydreaming for a few moments, still wondering what sort of gesture I could offer God that wouldn't make me so crabby to be around.  Then I remembered two things:  For a few Lents I have read one Psalm a day.  That has worked.  Very well, actually!  So, I will do that.  Secondly, I have had a book on my amazon wish list for several months now, Aging with Grace: What the Nun Study Teaches Us About Leading Longer, Healthier, and More Meaningful Lives.  I have read about that study of the brains of deceased School Sisters of Notre Dame in the past and found it very intriguing.  As I am entering a new phase of life (I will have my first two grandchildren in August - just a clue as to how old I am!), the title of this book really appeals to me.  The fact that religious sisters are involved makes me hope the read will be a spiritual journey as well! 

So, for Lent this year, I am not eating ice cream, I am reading one Psalm a day (and striving to take each verse to heart!), and I am reading what the School Sisters of Notre Dame can teach me about aging with grace!

If you haven't done anything for Lent yet, it's not too late ... here are some other ideas: