We Believe!

I just love subtle proclamations of faith in public schools.  I know this poster was made for the basketball game that night ... but the cross added such a perfect touch!

Plus, our school's favorite basketball player, Milam Boyle, made a fabulous basket in the last two seconds of the game ...

#12 ... Milam Boyle 
Our most cheerful, cooperative, smiley, and enthusiastic player.

Milam's Basket That Made The Crowd Go Wild!
(Video Credit - Brady Keane)
Videos of Milam's awesome shot were shared all over the internet (try a Google search on "Milam Boyle").  Milam and his family happened to have tickets to a San Antonio Spurs game the following night (the tickets had been a Christmas gift).  Amazingly, word had already gotten to the Spurs, so, at the game Milam was treated like a celebrity.  It has been great fun for our little town ... a town that believes.