Discover Your Church!

My church is loaded with colorful and inspiring decorations, symbols, statues, stained glass windows, and other sacred art.  It is truly an awesome visual library of wonderful stories.  Taking the time to learn about the various images and designs in our churches is a great way to get to know the faith better - churches are terrific catechism tools!

A bas-relief of the "Lamb of God" (or, Agnus Dei) sitting on
the scroll with seven seals written about in the book of Revelation.

A ceiling mural depicting the symbol of the Gospel writer,
St. John the Evangelist - an eagle.

A Statue of St. Agnes
- an early martyr of the Church.

So much to learn ... touring the church.

Discover Your Church
December, 2013 issue of St. Anthony Messenger

If you want to get to know your church better, here are a few links to help you get started:
These books are really helpful too:
by Richard Taylor
by Michael Daley

No religious symbolism here ... but a unique object in front of our church
for the local ranchers to clean the bottom of their boots with before entering.
By the way, today (December 31) is the feast of St. Sylvester - he was the Pope when Christianity became accepted and embraced in the Roman Empire.  He made great efforts to get churches built so that the faithful could have nice places to hold mass.  St. Sylvester's Day is a good day to ponder and appreciate our churches.