Christmas Day Saints

Christmas is one of the biggest celebrations in the Church, honoring the birth of Jesus.  Interestingly, there are a handful of saints whose feast days happen to be on December 25 ...

St. Anastasia
St. Anastasia - An early martyr of the Church.  You can find her listed in Eucharistic Prayer I.

St. Eugenia of Rome
St. Eugenia of Rome - Another martyr from the early days of Christendom who was killed under the persecutions of the Roman Emperor, Valerian.

Martyrologium Romanum
Sts. Jovinus and Basileus - Two martyrs who were persecuted under the reigns of Emperor Valerian and Emperor Gallienus.  Some older sources have their feast date as March 2, but the updated Martyrolgium Romanum has them listed on December 25.

Blessed Peter the Venerable
Blessed Peter the Venerable - A Benedictine monk and Abbot at Cluny Abbey (France) in the 1100s.  He died on December 25, 1156.

Blessed Bentivoglio de Bonis - An early follower of St. Francis who died on Christmas Day in 1232.  (For a while, his memorial was January 2.)

Jesuit Logo
Blessed Michael Nakashima - A Jesuit who was scalded to death in Japan on Christmas Day in 1628 for assisting priests and missionaries. 

Blessed Mary of the Apostles
Blessed Mary of the Apostles - Grew up with the name, Therese, in Germany.  Therese felt called to become a missionary nun.  Her religious name was Mary of the Apostles and she was the superior of a missionary order of nuns.  She died on Christmas Day in 1907.  (Old feast day: September 5)

Saint Albert (Adam) Chmielowski 
 St. Albert Chmielowski - A gentle man who founded  the Brothers of the third Order of St. Francis, Servants of the Poor in 1887.  The order also became known as the "Albertines" in honor of their founder.  St. Albert Chmeilowski died on Christmas Day in Krakow, Poland, in 1916.  (Former feast day:  June 17)