A St. Obadiah Novena ~ A Saint For Family Healing

Prophet and Saint Obadiah
by James Tissot (c. 1896-1902)

No passages from the Prophet Obadiah are presented in Catholic mass readings, so, if you want to get  to know this anguished Old Testament figure, you are on your own!  His book is short - only 21 verses and it shares the prophet's frustration over the behavior of some distant cousins - the Edomites (descendants of Esau).

Novena to Prophet-Saint Obadiah
For nine consecutive days, read a Bible passage (see below), ponder it for a few minutes, and then ask St. Obadiah to pray for your intentions.  Because of his frustrations with some relatives, he might be a good saint to ask prayers for when family situations get tricky and hard to solve.

Day 1 ~ Obadiah 1-3
Day 2 ~ Genesis 27:38-45
Day 3 ~ Obadiah 4-9
Day 4 ~ Numbers 20:14-21
Day 5 ~ Obadiah 10-14
Day 6 ~ 2 Kings 8:20-22
Day 7 ~ Obadiah 15-16
Day 8 ~ Genesis 32:4-7
Day 9 ~ Obadiah 17-21

The feast of St. Obadiah is November 19
Martyrologium Romanum - 2004

St. Obadiah - A Saint for Family Healing
November 29, 2013 ~ Today's Catholic