Marble Jars & Trust

I recently read Daring Greatly by Brené Bown.  While the book as a whole was very insightful and full of great thoughts to ponder, one section keeps popping up in my heart.  It speaks of trust.  It compares building trust to slowly adding marbles to a jar.  Bit by bit, one small, kind, thoughtful action after another, slowly, slowly, we build up trust with people.  However, if we are betrayed in some way, it's like the whole jar is toppled over and we have to start all over.  Also, you can't plop in one great big marble once in a great while hoping that it will build up trust really fast ... that just doesn't work.

Trust is a product of vulnerability that
grows over time and requires work, attention,
and full engagement.
Trust isn't a grand gesture -
it's a growing marble collection.